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UPDATED 2020-21 School Supply Lists for In-Person Learners
Posted 3/15/21

The school supply list is available for the upcoming school year. If your primary language is Spanish, please view the school supply list in Spanish


Please note the following:

1. Students must bring their District-issued technology devices, charging cords, and headphones (for Pre-K-5th) or earbuds (for 3rd-5th ONLY) to campus every day. Over-the-ear headphones are encouraged for younger students, who often have trouble wearing earbuds.

2. Students will keep their own school supplies in their backpacks at their desks. Sharing of supplies is not allowed.

3. Students may bring refillable water bottles as water fountains are unavailable.

4. If students wish to bring their own lunches from home, ensure they include items that students can open themselves. Microwaving and refrigerating food will not be allowed.